Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sleepover after disco!

Last night after the disco my best friend, Jessie came to stay the night! When my Mum picked Jessie and I up we went straight to Countdown to buy Miss McKenzie a birthday present. After that we went home and found my kitten, Simba. We played with him for a little bit, then had dinner a shower and put on our PJ's as it was already nearing 10:30pm! Once we were all ready we decided to hit the hay, but really we didn't. We talked till about 12:00 o'clock! When we heard my watch go off at 12:00 o'clock we decided that it was really time to go to bed! We fell asleep quite quickly and woke up the next morning at 6:55am. We were quite tired as we had had a late night. When we finally dragged ourselves out of bed we got ready for school. Then it was time to hop in the car. We dropped my Brother and Sister off to their school first and then my Dad dropped Jessie and I off.

I had so much fun in the short time I got to spend with Jessie. I hope she comes over again soon.

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