Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Class Interruptions

In Room 42 we get alot of disruptions such as,
- Phone
- Messengers
- Intercom
- Low internet

How they affect us,
- Phone = Everyone talk and yells out "who's answering the phone?" Everyone makes a fuss of it then we all get distracted. 

- Messengers = People yell out and say "There's someone at the door" The whole class turns around 
and everyone gets off task.

- Intercom = Even if the message doesn't apply to us the whole class still has to listen as it's hard to talk 
over it. 

- Low internet = We can't start our work and we all get frustrated. We start to become a little off task.

Solutions to these distractions,
- Phone = Phone person sit by phone. 

- Messengers = Make this a job, one person to receive all messages and give them to the teacher.

- Intercom = If the message doesn't apply to us then just keep silently working, just ignore and keep 

- Low internet = Someone could organise a quick alternative task while we're waiting. 

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