Tuesday, 28 May 2013

WInter's Here!! Well almost.

Wednesday 28 May

BRRRR!!! It is so cold outside. Everyone is starting to put on there wooly clothing to keep warm!

In Dunedin it's already snowing, and its not actually winter yet!!! I could not bear to live there I am struggling just to type this blog post, it is so cold! Look at this amazing picture of Dunedin in the winter time!!

This photo was only taken 19 hours ago, CRAZY!!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

My Book Review

I have finished my book and now I am starting a new one. This book is called "Take Your Last Breath, By Lauren Child" This is the sequel to the last book I read which was " Look into my eyes" In this book, Ruby Redfort (The main character) is training for some missions she has to do at spectrum. Spectrum is a secret agency Ruby works for. I've only just started but this is already a thrilling tale and I cant wait to see what happens next.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Food Tech!!

Friday 24 May

From Tuesday to Friday half of Room 29 have been going to food tech, taught by Whaea Raina. On Tuesday Whaea Raina was sick so we had Mrs Smith. We all got into buddys, I went with Sian. On Tuesday we made Jam Tarts, Sian and I were very pleased with the pastry. On Wednesday We made banana chocolate chip muffins, Sian and I were happy with them because they were golden brown and rounded on the top, which is what we wanted. On Thursday we made self crusting quiche, Sian and I loved the flavours in our one. Today we got to choose to make either the tarts, muffins or quiche. We chose quiche. Also we had to change 2 things. For our changes we added tomato and chives. We think they made a big difference and we enjoyed it alot. Here is a photo of us with our masterpiece!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Rimu Homework Challenges- Physical Activity and the Outdoors

For one of my Rimu Homework Challenges, I have done the estuary walk with my Nan. In the second photo I am looking in the water, I could see heaps of mud and surprisingly I saw a couple of fish. It was really fun and scenic. Heres are the photos,

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Photo Time Lapse.

Last night I found an amazing time lapse photography. Heres the link to have a look,

Please Comment!! When you get to the site scroll down to see the amazing video!


Monday, 13 May 2013

My Book Review

The book that I am reading is called, Look into my eyes, by Lauren Child. This book is a mystery book about a girl called Ruby Redfort. She is an amazing problem solver and she has been asked to be apart of a secret agency called Spectrum. At the moment Ruby is trying to figure out about a mysterious murder of a previous Spectrum agent. Ruby has the answers but the other Spectrum members dont believe her findings. This is a thrilling tale that gets you on the edge of your seat. Another great story by Lauren Child.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Rimu Homework Challenge- Giving

For one of my Rimu homework challenges I have to make a three course meal for my family. This is my second time doing it.

Entre'- Fruit Rainbow


Mum- 9/10
Claire- 7/10

Main- Pizza with Crabmeat 

Mum- 10/10
Dad- 10/10
Leo- 8/10

Dessert- Banana with Chocolate and Sprinkles

Mum- 7/10
Dad- 7/10
Leo- 20000000

Rimu Homework Challenges- Giving

For one of my Rimu homework challenges I have to cook a three course meal three times. Here is what I did for my first one, sorry I didn't get any photos I forgot, I do have proof though I have some pieces of paper with the score that my Mum, Dad, little sister and my little brother gave me.

Entre'- Fruit Sticks

Mum- 9/10
Dad- 8.5/ 10
Leo- 136 (This is my little brother, he's 6)
Claire- 9/10

Main- Pizza

Mum- 8.5/10 (My Mums a vegetarian, so we made some more fruit sticks for her)
Dad- 8.5/10
Leo- 26
Claire- 7/10

Dessert- Chocolate Covered Biscuits with Grapes

Mum- 9.5/10
Dad- 9.5/10
Leo- 170
Claire- 10/10

Here is our proof of the score cards,

Monday, 6 May 2013

Rimu Homework Challenges- Arts

For one of my Rimu Homework Challenges I have joined the production. I am playing  a girl called Jessica and I audition on the Voice, which is a famous singing competition. I cant wait to preform! The production is going to be amazing!! After the production I will put up photos of me on the night!

Rimu Homework Challenges-Academic

Academic, I have learnt the alphabet in sign language if you want me to prove it come and see me!! I will put up a video tonight!!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Awesome Catch Up

In my holidays my good friend, Rachel that I have know since I was about 4 came over to my house for a day because her parents are in Spain. Her grandma was looking after her but she went to Auckland for the day. At my house we did lots of cool things the first thing we did was have lunch, we made our very own salad sandwiches with some icy water. My dream job is to be a teacher so we played teachers with Rachel and I as the teachers and my brother and my sister as the pupils we played all day long at the end there was still a little bit of time left so I showed Rachel my iMovies that I created and we decided to make one of our own. I had great fun playing with Rachel and I cant wait to catch up with her again!!

Heres a photo of us!

Heres our movie, By the way this is NOT public on youtube.