Monday, 8 December 2014

Online shopping

Budget - $300.00

Dad - Grippy 2.0 $23.95

Mum - Laptop surf pillow $39.95

Claire - Magna-Bubble  rope wand $16.95

Leo - Muscle car - $24.95

Mickey - Selfie pole $19.95

Total - $125.75 - free shipping

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Virtual Tours

New Zealand Parliament -
National Museum of Natural History -
Big Ben -
London Zoo -
Westminister Abbey -

A virtual tour is a stimulation of a real place. Virtual tours are usually made of still images or small videos. Virtual tours can also include sound effects, music narration and text. The New Zealand Parliament virtual tour is very interesting and life like. In each room there are different checkpoints around the room that allow you to click on them to find out information about that certain place in Parliament. I think that virtual tours are quite useful for people wanting to find out more about a certain place without seeing it in real life. In my opinion though I would rather experience a place in real life. A strength about virtual tours is that a tourist may be thinking of visiting Big Ben and can easily look online at the virtual tour which gives them a taste of what Big Ben's really like. Another strength is that virtual tours are free! Some people may prefer just a small glimpse online rather than the real thing. A weakness about virtual tours is that the site may be outdated. This will then give people the wrong idea about the place. Another weakness is that you don't get to experience the place your self. Virtual tours are usually just a bunch of photos, anyone in the world gets to see the photos but if you were to go and get a real life experience, it would be a lot more memorable. The best virtual tour I have been on so far is the Big Ben virtual tour. The reason I enjoyed this virtual tour so much is because the photos were really good quality and you could look around at an angle of 360 degrees! The time and setting that the photographer chose was also really great as the sun was just about to go down and there wasn't people crowding the streets which was even better. Big Ben is truly a beautiful landmark and the virtual tour has really given me a good taste of what it looks like in real life. Overall I think that virtual tours are very helpful for most people. But if I were to give my honest opinion, as I said before I would definitely rather experience a virtual tour in real life. For now I will just stick to virtual tours as my piggy bank isn't quite full enough yet.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

TGC Orientation Day

Today we visited TGC for an orientation day. We had student ambassadors show us different classrooms and places around the school. In our small groups we were taken to a classroom and given more information like the daily notices and uniform prices. The 4 ambassadors answered all of our questions which was really helpful. I found out that it is quite easy getting used to being in a place without boys and some of the ambassadors even preferred it! Orientation day was really helpful and I really enjoyed the 2015 head girl's speech which really explained a lot about the college. I am looking forward to going to TGC next year and experiencing the opportunities they have to offer.