Monday, 28 July 2014

A horoscope, makeup, and a missing tooth.

Today we had to write a short story using these 3 things,
A horoscope, makeup, and a missing tooth.

The newspaper's ink is still wet as it lays on my porch. I bring it inside and instantly flick to the horoscope page. I run my finger down the page and find what my horoscope says,

Libra: This month you would start to lose yourself, things will go missing, you will be forgetful and time will easily slip away. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times for your life may change in an instant. 

I don't have time to try and work out what this means as it's time for work, I glance at my watch and I realise I'm going to be late, I bring my makeup bag with me and decide to apply it at work. Once at work I head straight for the bathroom, but just as I am applying my foundation my finger slips and nicks my tooth. I move my tongue around my mouth and feel a gaping hole right in the middle. I have no idea where the tooth has gone, had someone taken it? I shyly walk to my office and hope no one sees but next thing I know I hear a scream as someone has found a tooth in their pocket.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A photo from Wonder

In class we are reading a story called, Wonder. We had to create a illustration describing a moment in the book. My photo shows August eating an "ordinary" ice cream and in his head he is thinking about "extraordinary" things.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The story of Ranginui and Papatuanuku

1. Who is Ranginui? - Ranginui is the sky father.

2. Who is Papatuanuku? - Paptuanuku is the earth mother
3. Who is the Maori god of forests? - Tane Mahuta 
4. Who is the Maori god of the winds? - Tawhirimatea 
5. Who is the Maori god of war? - Tumatauenga 
6. Who is the Maori god of the sea? - Tangaroa

Monday, 21 July 2014

Islands in Tauranga Moana

Mayor Island - Tuhua 
Leisure Island - Motuatau
Peach Island - Motuopae
Rat Island - Motuopuhi

Thursday, 3 July 2014

End Of Term Review

1. A highlight from Term 2
The cross country, I think I did quite well and I got a better placing then I did last year. I was really nervous before the race and I didn't think that I would do very well, but to my surprise I came 17th out of about 400 year 8 girls and I am really proud of myself. I set a goal to beat last year's place and to come under 100. I achieved both of my goals and this is why cross country was a highlight for me.

2. A lowlight from Term 2
When we lost privileges for our laptops. This was a lowlight because we lost the privilege of having personal things on our laptops. I felt quite sad when this happened but I'm sure that Rimu will be able to earn our privileges back if we try really hard. This lowlight was a wake up call to the whole house ad has taught me to never forget that our laptops are a learning tool, not a toy.

3. An achievement
I earned a bronze medal in science fair which I am really happy about. I really improved from last year as I didn't receive anything. This year I chose a better topic which was really enjoyable and interesting. I think that I did really well this year and I am quite proud of my achievements. My science fair this year was really challenging but I feel that the hard work really paid off.

4. Circle Times
The circle times this term have really taught me a lot more about each person in our class. I've learnt alot about each different personality in the class. It's really good hearing what each people have to say about various topics that come up at circle time. I personally really enjoy circle time and getting to share my thoughts with the class. In my opinion I think that people feel really safe when sharing with the class and even the shy people really open themselves up.

5. Click Cards
I have really liked this click card system that has started up in our school. I have just recently earned my first band and I see alot more people around the school have too. The click cards have been enforcing positive behaviour in the classroom which I think is needed to make an enjoyable class. I think that the click cards is a really good idea. I hope I get the STARS badge at the end of the year!

Rimu Promotional Video!

Here is the video that will be shown to the Year 6's that are coming to T.I.S in 2015! Join Rimu!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Haircut issue goes to court

Lucan Battison, a year 12 from St. Johns College has been suspended from school for having collar length, curly hair. The matter has been taken to court and Lucan has won the battle. The school stated that hair has to be, short, tidy, off the collar and out of the eyes. Lucan offered to tie his hair back but the school did not accept this. Lucan's family said that it was unlawful to have a rule like this and that Lucan was never breaking the rules anyway as his hair was not even past his collar. They have now resolved the problem and said that "business is as normal". I think that the school was really silly for making this big fuss over a small hair problem. I think this rule is invading human individuality and we should all choose what we look like as long as it's not too over the top.