Sunday, 30 November 2014

Virtual Tours

New Zealand Parliament -
National Museum of Natural History -
Big Ben -
London Zoo -
Westminister Abbey -

A virtual tour is a stimulation of a real place. Virtual tours are usually made of still images or small videos. Virtual tours can also include sound effects, music narration and text. The New Zealand Parliament virtual tour is very interesting and life like. In each room there are different checkpoints around the room that allow you to click on them to find out information about that certain place in Parliament. I think that virtual tours are quite useful for people wanting to find out more about a certain place without seeing it in real life. In my opinion though I would rather experience a place in real life. A strength about virtual tours is that a tourist may be thinking of visiting Big Ben and can easily look online at the virtual tour which gives them a taste of what Big Ben's really like. Another strength is that virtual tours are free! Some people may prefer just a small glimpse online rather than the real thing. A weakness about virtual tours is that the site may be outdated. This will then give people the wrong idea about the place. Another weakness is that you don't get to experience the place your self. Virtual tours are usually just a bunch of photos, anyone in the world gets to see the photos but if you were to go and get a real life experience, it would be a lot more memorable. The best virtual tour I have been on so far is the Big Ben virtual tour. The reason I enjoyed this virtual tour so much is because the photos were really good quality and you could look around at an angle of 360 degrees! The time and setting that the photographer chose was also really great as the sun was just about to go down and there wasn't people crowding the streets which was even better. Big Ben is truly a beautiful landmark and the virtual tour has really given me a good taste of what it looks like in real life. Overall I think that virtual tours are very helpful for most people. But if I were to give my honest opinion, as I said before I would definitely rather experience a virtual tour in real life. For now I will just stick to virtual tours as my piggy bank isn't quite full enough yet.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

TGC Orientation Day

Today we visited TGC for an orientation day. We had student ambassadors show us different classrooms and places around the school. In our small groups we were taken to a classroom and given more information like the daily notices and uniform prices. The 4 ambassadors answered all of our questions which was really helpful. I found out that it is quite easy getting used to being in a place without boys and some of the ambassadors even preferred it! Orientation day was really helpful and I really enjoyed the 2015 head girl's speech which really explained a lot about the college. I am looking forward to going to TGC next year and experiencing the opportunities they have to offer.

Mean tweet targets Lorde and Epilepsy

In my opinion I believe that Tau Henare's tweet was very unnecessary. Studies show that 65 million people in the world suffer from elilepsy. The person that replied to Tau was very brave in standing up to the former politician. I definitely agree with the public describing his action as lazy and mean spirited.

One time my Mum asked me to clean my room and I didn't want too so I said "Look at your wardrobe!" as a joke. She took it as an insult rather than a joke.

Here is the link to the article -

Monday, 24 November 2014

Advice for the Yr 7's

Dear new Rimu students, 
Hi, im Leka the 2014 Rimu house leader and I am going to be listing some advice you'll need for next year. 

- When you get to school in the morning remember to line up snd be quiet! Trust me, having to line up over and over is super annoying. 
- Ladies first!
- When in the classroom, like any other classroom, be responsible and make sure you obey all rules that are set.
- Take good care of your laptop! You are very priveleged to be using a laptop and don't try hide, Mr Ranskey can see anyhing!
- Girls - Wear PE shorts or spandex under your skirt. Keep those pesky boys from looking. 
- Boys - Don't be afraid to get changed into your PE gear in the cloak bay! 
- Remember it's Miss Campbells birthday on the 28th of November!
- Don't hit each other with your hats
- Most of the drinking fountains aren't that good so try bringing your water bottle instead. 
- Get to know people! The more people you know the better your experience at TIS will be!
- Make sure you have the correct uniform (earings)
- Enjoy zumba for fitness, not many other houses get to experience it!
- Don't go to Fraser Cove in school hours.
- Don't climb trees!
- Ask for help when you need it!
- Follow the STARS
- Remember to say hello to Mr Diver everytime you see him.
- Make the most of the 2 years, they go super quick!
- Get involved with as much as you can!
- Sorry girls, no makeup!
- You are very lucky and get wheelie chairs! But be sensible!
- Remember to keep social chat outside.
- Social dance, a highlight of the year, dance your heart out! you might even get prince of princess!
- Try for house leader! House leader is an awesome thing to take part in.
- Don't take lollies to camp, it may be tempting but there are rats!
- Do your best and make Rimu proud!
- Totora is our enemie!
- Try and win the spirit trophy!

I hope you enjoy my advice, make the most of Rimu, the best house in the school! You've only got two years so use it wisely!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Transformations Mind Map

Life Ed Movie

Sound quality: I think the actors voice's are very clear and easy to hear. I think we could have considered wind when filming as some of the scenes have a lot of background noise from the wind.

Camera skill: We did really well when filming from different angles. Next time we make a video I think we should try and hold the camera more steady as the camera is a bit shaky in some scenes.

Acting: I think our actors were quite believable and the story line may happen in real life. Some time we accidentally looked at the camera.

Editing: The editors in our group did really well and chose great transitions which had a really good affect on the overall video.

Poem: I really enjoyed our poem and thought it really went well with our storyline but if there I was a next time I would've made it a bit longer.

Quality of the life education message in your movie (the Script): I think our storyline was quite believable and we crafted each line quite well. If we had to write the script again, I would've made a better ending.

Teamwork: All of our team members contributed to the project which was really cool. We overcame any problems together and made sure everyone had an equal role and wasn't feeling excluded.

Internet forum

An internet forum is an online discussion about a certain object.

I have never posted an online forum but I would love too sometime in the future.

A forum administrator keeps everything under control. They also make sure people are on the forum responsibly.

Forum names:
Discussion board
Discussion post

Minecraft forum -

Rugby forum -

Music forum -

A consequence for breaking forum rules may be that the user gets blocked from using the forum for a set amount of days.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


When using translation you always need to say:
How many times bigger you have made the shape (scale factor)
What the centre of enlargement is

The centre of enlargement is the point of which the shape started to enlarge (form)

The scale factor is how many times the shape is being enlarged.

The easy way to work out the scale factor of a shape on a grid is to first count how many squares are on one side of the smaller shape (preferably the bottom) you then count how many squares there are ON THE SAME SIDE on the enlarged shape. You then compare the two numbers and work out how many times the shape has been enlarged. (I like to use division)

Here, the first shape (pink) has 4 squares along the bottom side. In the enlarged shape the bottom side has 8 squares. I then use division to work out the scale factor.
8 divided by 4 gives 2. So 2 = the scale factor.

When working out the scale factor of a shape with no grid you use projection lines. Here is an example of what projection lines look like:

First you draw a projection line, starting from the middle of the X to one of the corners of the shape and beyond. You then measure that distance and double it. Then, starting from the X along the projection line you apply that doubled distance and then place a small mark at the end of the doubled distance. Repeat this for all of the corners. Your shape should now look like this:
Once you've done that you join up all of your new doubled distances to create a new and enlarged shape like so,
That is how you enlarge a shape without a grid. The tricky thing is though, even though you've enlarged the shapes all the angles are actually still the same!

Life Ed Summary

The main message of Life Ed was to "Delay the Decision" We applied this to drugs and alcohol. These are a few things we learnt.

How drugs affect the brain

These are all jobs of the brain that get affected when drugs are used. We learnt that drugs can make a persons emotions can take over people intellect.

4 parts of the brain (the highlighted parts are the parts of the brain that get affected by drugs)
- Long term memory
- Short term memory
- Today's thinking
- Future thinking

Michael once told us that there was a man that was taking drugs who walked his daughter to school and when they got there she realised she had forgotten something. The father got very mad, shot her and buried her. He also tried to help the police find her, even though he already knew where she was buried.

Michael taught us that puberty takes 7 years and can be described as 7 rungs of a ladder. He also said that puberty can start as early as 9 or as late as 16. This is simply because, everyone is different. The sad thing is though it is very common for people to take drugs while going through puberty. This is very concerning as puberty is the worst time to take drugs. In the majority of personal stories Michael told us the people started drugs at the age 13 which is quite scary because that is the age of people at my school! Most people start drugs because of parties which has taught me to be aware of situations where I may be offered drugs.

Ways to say no to drugs
During Life Ed we learnt an acronyms that can help us to say no to drugs,

R Give a reason
E Give an excuse
A ssertive
C hange the subject
H umour

W alk away
I gnore
T ell someone or toughen up
S ay no

Why teenagers are more affected by drugs
In Life Ed we learnt a few acronyms that explain why teenagers are more affected by drugs than adults.

F aster
A bsorption
R ate

L ess
E ffective
M etabolic
S ystem

G reater
I mpact on
B rain

G reater
A ddiction
P otential

We learnt that alcohol is the drug that is most likely to be offered to us in our lifetime. Michael said that out of a large group only a small amount will get involved with illegal drugs but a larger amount will get involved with alcohol. We can apply REACH WITS to an alcohol situation as well which I've think will be really handy. Alcohol can also be used sensibly which I intend to do. I will remember not to over dose as that's when problems happen. When used incorrectly alcohol can be very dangerous and I hope not to use it in that way.

Overall I learnt many things that can help me to "Delay the Decision" I sincerely hope that I can use my new knowledge from Life Ed to help me if I ever find myself in a sticky situation including drugs or alcohol.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Web of Addiction poem

I am now your best friend, your soulmate, your drive, but I don't care whether or not you're alive. You use me for leisure because I give you pleasure. I've burnt a hole in your back pocket, you even sold your Grandma's precious locket. Your family and friends are feeling neglected, the fear has set in, they are now unprotected. Your addictions taken charge, the problems becoming large. You must seek help before it's too late or otherwise the police will put a lot on your plate. So just stop my friend and face your fate, don't worry because it's not too late. So stop getting high or else you will die. Your time is ticking, you'll go down kicking. Your body's exploding, your lies are imploding. So don't be a thug and say no to the drug.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Transformations: Translation

Translation is one of the 4 ways that a shape can be moved. (Translation, Rotation, Shrink and enlarge and reflect) If you have a shape on a grid and you then move the shape, you have translated it.

A vector is the coordinates of where the shape has been moved. A vector looks like the picture below.
The top number indicates how far left or right the shape has moved. If the number is negative the shape moves left, if the number is positive, the shape moves right. The bottom number indicates how far up or down the shape will move. If the number is negative the shape goes down and if the number is positive the shape goes up.

When moving house you are translating objects to the new house. This is a real life example of translation.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms
  • class - A
  • describe how the drug looks - Magic Mushrooms look like ordinary mushrooms but a bit smaller. Magic Mushrooms have very lean stems and are a mud brown colour.
  • how it is made - Magic Mushrooms are grown in fields, like a normal Mushroom. If you were to use them as a drug you would need to boil them or eat them raw.
  • ways the drug is used - The drug is usually taken orally but can be taken as a powder in capsules. Magic Mushrooms can also be put into tea.
  • how it affects the user - Using magic mushrooms can cause hallucinations, nausea, shivering, sweating, anxiety and dizziness.
  • streetnames - shrooms, psilocybin, psychedelic mushrooms.
  • negative health effects it has on the user - Magic Mushrooms can cause strong hallucinations years after they were consumed.
  • dangers - Magic Mushrooms can become addictive and lead to a large range of health issues.

Magic Mushrooms are illegal drugs that can affect a persons perception of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. Magic Mushrooms can lead to severe illness and in worst cases, death. Magic Mushrooms are in class A which means they are highly dangerous causing many symptoms such as nausea, shivering, sweating and anxiety. Many people get tricked into taking Magic Mushrooms because they look like ordinary mushrooms. The substances inside is the reason for their harm. Magic Mushrooms are grown in fields and are then boiled and put into tea or can be eaten raw. These are just a few reasons why you shouldn't even consider taken Magic Mushrooms as 1 dose could ruin your whole life.