Monday, 31 March 2014

Short Stories

Here are my 3 short stories,

My painting looked wonderful! "Oh no!" My cat just tipped over a paint pot all over my art! What a catastrophe!

I turned my brother into a frog but he ran and hid under a log! Suddenly he turned back into a boy, and now there’s a bruise on his head.

I had hockey training, but I couldn't find my mouth guard. I looked everywhere! But silly me, it was in my mouth the whole time.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Whats the message in the picture?

Here are some more pictures with the messages, next to the picture is the message.

I think the message in this picture is you have to stand out from the crowd. Don't be like everybody else. You can decide what's right and wrong.

This picture shows that nature is more powerful than you think. Never underestimate the power of nature. Anything could happen at any time.

The picture in this message is that you need to try new things. It's always scary at first but like they say the first time's always the hardest. I know exactly how it feels to be in this situation but the feeling of achieving something is really cool.

The message in this picture is that you can achieve really anything if you set your mind too it. These three men are absolutely amazing and have earned millions by just a simple idea. If you have a passion for something you can do anything.

The message in this photo is that if you set your mind to achieve a certain goal you can achieve it. Sometimes the consequence of the task is a life or death but that is the risk that some people are willing to take.

The message in this photo is that you can choose whatever way in life you want to go. It's you that makes the decision of which path you want to take in life. There are many paths and you have to choose the perfect one for you.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Photos with meanings

The message in this picture is that if you look at the top part of the photo, the ice is quite boring where is says film on the top but underneath on the book side the iceberg is quite incredible and shows alot more. I think that books are alot more in depth than the movie.

The message that I think is in this picture is that the red person is a bully and with everyone standing up in a large group we can stop the bully.

Another message is the person is the middle is the leader and he is leading the group around him to success.

One message of this picture is that photos are memories. There are so many memories that you have that could fill up a whole room.

Another message in this photo is that everyone has so many memories and stories to tell.

Heres my photo with a hidden meaning

This is the amazing Nelson Mandela, though he got put in jail for 27 years. He showed that you can change the world. He was the first South African Prime Minister and fought for his rights.

Chore Homework! (how to unload a dishwasher)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Facts and Opinions

The difference between a fact and an opinion,

A fact is something true. No matter who says it it will always be true. For example, the dog has 4 legs. That is a fact because it is true.

An opinion is not necessarily true its what you believe or think of something. For example, her shirt is so ugly. That is an opinion because not everyone will think that her shirt is ugly.

Here are my 3 facts and 3 opinions about Cocoa Cola,


1. Coca Cola is a drink.
2. Coca Cola contains caffeine.
3. Cocoa Cola is sold in New Zealand.


1. Coca Cola is delicious.
2. Coca Cola is my absolute favourite drink!
3. Coca Cola is definitley the best fizzy drink in the world.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Amazing Singing Parrot!

Check out this amazing parrot singing!!

Sound Cloud test

My favourite app, Instagram

My favourite app is called Instagram.

Instagram is my favourite app because you can share photos and short videos with the world or just with your friends and family. 

On Instagram you create an account and you can upload photos. People can like and comment on your photos.

You can choose to make your account private or not. I prefer private because it's safer.

 People can follow you and unfollow you and you can do the same back, your followers and the people you follow will come up in number on your profile page.

I go on Instagram almost everyday. Whoever you follow, their photos will come up in your feed.

On Instagram you can also enter a bio. A bio is a short message about you. Some people add quotes or a bit about themselves, likes, dislikes, celebrity crush. Anything!

I love Instagram because you can share amazing photos with your friends and family. Maybe you should try it out.

Click on this link to see a famous, Instagramma! This is an 80 year old Grandma with cancer who has over 240,000 followers on Instagram! 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Kia Kaha Lesson 1

Constable Den

1. What is bullying?
Power and control
To hurt our feelings or body

2. Types of bullying
Peer Pressure

Mayday, Mayday!

Today we had to write 10 questions to research about the airplane disaster that has been in the news lately.

The answers of my questions can be found within these articles, Malaysian airline plane FactsFactsFactsFacts

1.  How long was the piece of debris spotted by a Chinese satellite?
22 metres long.

2. How many hours from land are the search areas?
4 hours.

3. Which airline was the crash from?
Malaysian Airlines.

4. How many people are missing?
There were 239 people reported missing at the moment.

5. Where did the plane take off from and what was the date?
Kuala Lumpur on Friday March 8th.

6. How long into the flight did the aircraft go missing?
The plane vanished around 1-2 hours into the flight.

7. How big did people compare the Australian search area too?
They compared it to the size of Texas.

8. Which country politicians were heavily criticising Malaysian officials for poor PR?
US politicians were heavily criticising Malaysian officials for poor PR.

9. What was the flight number?
The flight number was MH370

10. Where was the latest piece of debris found?
The latest piece of debris was found in the Indian Ocean.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Its and It's

Here is my edited version of the its and it's photo.

A picture's worth 1000 words

Today we had to write a short 5-10 sentence story replacing words with images. Here is an example of what i'm talking about,

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Proofreading Homework

Here is the link to my proofreading homework. I had to proofread the story, The little red hen. CLICK HERE!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wear your life jacket!

Fines for not wearing life jackets
Use the article above to answer the following questions. Write both the questions and answers down in your book.
1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?
Hawkes Bay and Mr Norman, the Hawkes bay harbour master.
2. What was the key event from the news article?
The key event was people getting fined for not wearing their life jackets.
3. Where did this event take place?
In Hawkes Bay Harbour.
4. When did this event take place?
March 11 2014.
5. Why did this event happen?
This event happened because people weren't wearing their life jackets, therefore fining them $300.
Next we had to answer some thinking questions,
1. Find a quote from the main person in this news article?
The Hawke’s Bay Harbour master, Mr Norman, said that the people fined were seen putting their life jackets on only as they entered the harbour in the hope to not get caught.
6. Use the Dictionary in the bottom right hand corner to find the meaning of 3 words from the article.
Three words I found with the meaning are...
1. Regulations: rule, statute, law, act of controlling.
2. Insist: persist, persevere, firmly, emphasise.
3. Promote: Further, advance, advance in rank or position.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Too and To

Today we have to answer these questions for the words, Too and To. Too and to are homophones.

The two meanings for too are,

1. I want to come with you too! (it means as well)
2. We have too many cats. (it means too many of something or very)

We have too many cats, I think our house is mad!
I have too many shoes. But I really like those red ones I saw yesterday.

"Lets go get some ice-cream!"
"I want to come too"
Let go shopping do you want to come too?

This link below
Too, to and two
Too, to and two practice
This link below, uses other homophones as well, have a go!
Homophones practice

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I had to answer some questions about apostrophes...

What are the 2 times you use an apostrophe?
When something belongs to someone
When you are writing contractions

When should you use an apostrophe of possession?
When something belongs to someone

Where does it go in a sentence?
The monkey hid behind the tree's leaves (the leaves belong to the tree)
The car's windscreen cracked. (the windscreen belongs to the car)
The chairs leg broke. (the leg belongs to the chair)

When should you NOT use an apostrophe of possession?
When the word doesn't belong to anything. ex. The monkey's hid behind the tree, (nothing belongs to anything in this sentence)

When should you use an apostrophe of contraction?
We you shorten a word, ex. are not = aren't

Why do we use apostrophe of contractions?
To shorten words. Ex. does not = doesn't

Where does the apostrophe of contraction go in a contracted word?
In the word, don't you always put the apostrophe before after the n.
In the word, I'm the apostrophe goes after the I.
In the word isn't the apostrophe goes after the n.

Sick in space

Other hard things to do in space are...

1. Going toilet.
2. Eating food.
3. Making your bed.
4. Brushing your teeth.
5. For girls (doing your hair)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Caught on camera

Lunchtime for the snake after a gruelling 5 hour battle.

Here is another one I found of a jaguar attacking a crocodile

The sneaky jaguar prowls up and attacks the victims neck.

How to multiply using the box method

Monday, 10 March 2014

NFC Tags

Today we had to skim and scan this text, Click Here!  and answer the following...

5 facts about the NFC tags

1. NFC stands for, near field communication.

2. They transfer data to other devices.

3. How they work? NFC tags are what is called, passive devices so they don't run on a battery supply of their own. They rely on a working device to come within range of the NFC.

4. You can transfer texts and numbers.

5. You can connect the NFC to many different devices.

 One of the good things about NFC tags are that you can lock them so once the data has been written a criminal can not change the data. It is unlock able though for when you want to change some data.

One of the weaknesses of the NFC tag is that you have to put your device only centimetres away from the device you are connecting it too. QR codes however to not require you to be so close. 

Some uses of the NFC tags are,

You can order it to do things for example when you leave your house, you can tell the NFC tag to turn up your screen brightness. Even though the NFC tag has it's advantages, it is still developing and will get better and better.

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Today we had to explain the difference between, your and you're.

(A) Your and you're are homophones which means they sound the say when you say them but they are spelt differently.

(B) We use your when something belongs to you. Ex, That is your hat.
We use you're as in you are. Ex, You're going to Grandma's after school today.

Example sentences for your
1. Your cat is up in a tree.
2. Your lasagne is very delicious.
3. Your homework is not up to standard.

Example sentences for you're
1. You're walking home today.
2. You're going to visit some friends.
3. You're watching the movie "The Muppets"

(D) You're going to visit some of you cousins today.
Your friend is coming over and you're going to the park to play.

The Battle of Gate Pa Notes

Here are my 10 bullet points that I picked up from this podcast, Click here!

1. Heni Te Karamu was the only woman to survive the Battle of Gate Pa.

2. Pakeha tried to invade and steal the Maori's land.

3. Heni gave some water to some pakeha wounded soldiers.

4. People call Heni "The angel of Gate Pa".

5. Heni Te Karamu is also known as Jane Fowley.

6. Heni (Jane) got married to a pub owner, Denis Fowley.

7. Heni's brothers name was Neri.

8. Heni is best known for her courage.

9. Heni wanted to be a warrior.

10. Woman and children were told to leave before the war but Heni stayed.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

12 Years a Slave

Today we had to write a 200 word introduction on the movie 12 Years a Slave and here is my intro...

Watch the trailer here!

12 Years a Slave is a Oscar winning movie that is set in the 1800's in America. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the main character in the movie, Solomon Northup. Solomon grew up with his family in New York but when he got to be an adult he got kidnapped being told that he would get a two week job as a musician but he gets drugged and wakes up in chains actually being sold into slavery. Before Solomon got kidnapped he had a very well off life playing the violin and being a very skilled carpenter. He lived with his wife and two children.

When Solomon is kidnapped he gets renamed "Platt", which is the identity of a runaway slave from Georgia. Solomon works on plantations in Louisiana 12 years before his release. He gets beaten and yelled at alot. Living on minimal food and drink, and missing his family he tries to stay on the positive side of things saying "I don't want to survive, I want to live"

12 Years a Slave is a very eye opening and inspiring movie it also has a very deep meaning. 12 Years a Slave is a beautiful movie and it shows that the world is always changing.

12 Years a Slave

Lupita Nyong'o winning an Oscar for best supporting actress in the movie, 12 Years a Slave

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

2014 Oscars!

Today we had to use the internet to find out winners from the Oscars and here they are...
(I will add links to each winner if you want to learn more about the movie)

The movie that won the best picture is...
12 years a slave! 12 Years a Slave

The actor the won best actor is...
Matthew McConaughey! For his work in the movie, Dallas Buyers Club. Dallas Buyers Club

The actress who won best actress is...
Cate Blachett! For starring in the movie, Blue Jasmine. Blue Jasmine

Jared Leto won best supporting actor. The best supporting actor is the person who played just under the lead role. Some supporting actors are outstanding! Therefore nominating them for the Oscar, "Best Supporting Actor"

3 other categories in that were in the Oscars are,
Best costume design - The Great Gatsby (Catherine Martin)
Best foreign language film - The Great Beauty (Italy)
Best original song - Let it go (Frozen, Indina Menzel, Demi Lovato)

The Oscar Trophy is a golden trophy with a man standing up with his arms folded in the shape of a cross. The Oscar Trophy is in fact made of 28 carat gold with 99.99999999 purity!

Two movies that got nominated for best picture but didn't win are...
American Hustle - American Hustle
Philomena - Philomena
American Hustle and Philomena are both very good movies judging by the reviews!

The Actress I think with the best dress is... Emma Watson in her gorgeous Vera Wang dress with some accessories from Anya Hindmarch and Boucheron jellwery

Monday, 3 March 2014

3 Mini Dialogue

Today we had to write 3 different conversations about these 3 things,

- A conversation between you and your parent when you first returned from camp
Mum: "Did you have fun at camp?"
Leka: "Yeah, it was sore and fun at the same time"
Mum: 'laughs' "Are you exhausted now?"
Leka: "Yes, in fact I might have a nap right now"

- A conversation between Miss C and you about Tech this week
Leka: Hi Miss Campbell, i'm doing Food Tech today!"
Miss Campbell: Thats cool! What was your favourite dish you made last year?"
Leka: I liked making the quiche at the end of the week!"
Miss Campbell: "Mmm, that sound yum!"

- A conversation between you and Christine about the food at camp
Christine: What did you think about the food at camp?
Leka: It was really good! I especially enjoyed our Camp Cookout!"
Christine: Yes, that was delicious! But it made me quite full!"
Leka: "Me too!"

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Camp Advice

Today we had to write a list of 6 to 10 bullet points of advice for Room 19 and 20 going on camp this week, here are my bullet points...

  • 1. Never take off your safety gear in paintball.
  • 2. Keep going when raft making, no matter how many times your foot gets stuck between rocks.
  • 3. Don't annoy Mr Hart or you'll have a sore time at paintball.
  • 4. Always follow instructions.
  • 5. When swimming wear a wetsuit.
  • 6. Remember to try and do pushups on the beam.
  • 7. Use the parents to an advantage in paintball.
  • 8. In kayaking hold on when people are running across.
  • 9. Don't talk at night because other people are trying to sleep.
  • 10. Be really supportive for your team.