Monday, 24 March 2014

My favourite app, Instagram

My favourite app is called Instagram.

Instagram is my favourite app because you can share photos and short videos with the world or just with your friends and family. 

On Instagram you create an account and you can upload photos. People can like and comment on your photos.

You can choose to make your account private or not. I prefer private because it's safer.

 People can follow you and unfollow you and you can do the same back, your followers and the people you follow will come up in number on your profile page.

I go on Instagram almost everyday. Whoever you follow, their photos will come up in your feed.

On Instagram you can also enter a bio. A bio is a short message about you. Some people add quotes or a bit about themselves, likes, dislikes, celebrity crush. Anything!

I love Instagram because you can share amazing photos with your friends and family. Maybe you should try it out.

Click on this link to see a famous, Instagramma! This is an 80 year old Grandma with cancer who has over 240,000 followers on Instagram! 

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