Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mayday, Mayday!

Today we had to write 10 questions to research about the airplane disaster that has been in the news lately.

The answers of my questions can be found within these articles, Malaysian airline plane FactsFactsFactsFacts

1.  How long was the piece of debris spotted by a Chinese satellite?
22 metres long.

2. How many hours from land are the search areas?
4 hours.

3. Which airline was the crash from?
Malaysian Airlines.

4. How many people are missing?
There were 239 people reported missing at the moment.

5. Where did the plane take off from and what was the date?
Kuala Lumpur on Friday March 8th.

6. How long into the flight did the aircraft go missing?
The plane vanished around 1-2 hours into the flight.

7. How big did people compare the Australian search area too?
They compared it to the size of Texas.

8. Which country politicians were heavily criticising Malaysian officials for poor PR?
US politicians were heavily criticising Malaysian officials for poor PR.

9. What was the flight number?
The flight number was MH370

10. Where was the latest piece of debris found?
The latest piece of debris was found in the Indian Ocean.

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