Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Wiki Game

The wiki game really uses your brain. So what happens is you click play now. Then you join whatever word pops up. Beneath that word there is a goal. Click the top word and your time starts ticking. A wikipedia page should pop up, you are trying to find your goal word. For example: Japan. All the words highlighted blue a links that take you to other wikipedia links by clicking links that relate to Japan you get closer to finding your goal word. Every time you click on a link you get a point but you need to choose what you click carefully, because the person with the least points wins. Speaking of people, you vs people from around the world, so the pressure is on. You need to click links that relate to your goal, thats why before your game you search up a bit about your topic. This game is challenging but it is a good tool to practice skimming and scanning.

One strategy for the game is to look up your goal before you play so you know more and can make more connections when clicking on links.

Here is the link : The Wiki Game

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