Thursday, 1 May 2014

Road Trip!

Yesterday my family headed on a short road trip to Taupo and Rotorua. We headed to Auckland late last night and stayed in the cutest cabin at Huka Falls Resort.

This morning my family and I went to do some sightseeing. We saw the most beautiful and breathtaking views at a miraculous beach we found. I can't believe we live in a beautiful country that has the most spectacular things too see, no wonder tourists love it here!

After we did a few bits and bobs we headed to Huka Falls. Huka Falls is a beautiful lake and waterfall with a 1 and 2 hour tramp that goes through the bush (which we didn't have enough time for so we just went to the lookout to take a few photos). The water is stunning shade of light aquamarine blue. My Mum says the water in the falls is so pure because the water is moving so quickly. I think that it is so pretty but very powerful! It is so crazy though how the water is so powerful up until the water fall than about 500 metres away from the water falls end the lake is completely still!
My Sister and I threw a small pebble into the falls which instantly disappeared as soon as it hit the water's surface. I wonder how many people have dropped iPhones and camera's into the water? I was so relieved when I had safely brought my iPod back into the car!

After Huka falls we drove to a small park and fed some ducks. I got very close to some very brave ducks. Some even came less than 30 centimetres away from me! I hand fed a couple ducks but we then had to leave. My brother wanted to keep one, but thankfully we convinced him not too!

From there we drove to Rotorua and got some lunch and then headed for Tauranga.

I am now at home safe and sound and reminiscing about my amazing 2 day adventure. I will definitley remember the spectacular place our family went together and I can't wait for our next family road trip!

Here are a few photos from my awesome road trip! Enjoy!

The cute little cabin we stayed in.

An action shot from the amazing beach we found. (thanks for the awesome photography Dad!)

Huka Falls!!

The water fall at Huka Falls.

Down the bottom of the waterfall.

Taking a walk down the beach. :)

Just one of the amazing views!

Breathing in the salty air.

A panorama shot of Huka Falls.

The force in the water fall is just amazing!

At one of our stops we saw an beautiful view.

Looking out over the rooftops of Taupo and seeing a towering mountain.

There were only ripples in the water at the beach we found, nothing like the beach back home in Tauranga!

A creepy sea creatures skeleton my little brother found.

Feeding the ducks.

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  1. Hi Leka.
    I really like how you are really descriptive and has loads of pictures to show what you have been doing. Hope your having fun at school!