Sunday, 25 May 2014

A trip to the doctors

Today we had to write what we think the conversation will be when Miss C goes to the doctors.

Doctor Mike: "Hello Wendy, what's the problem?"

Miss C: "Well i've just found that I have some redness above my pupil."

Doctor Mike: "Ok, let me have a look, so do you feel any pain?"

Miss C: "No not at all, what do you think you has caused this?

Doctor Mike: "Well you've been sick lately which probably explains things but i'm pretty sure that it's because of your cold. As you've been sneezing and coughing alot that has caused one of the blood vessels behind your eye to pop. 

Miss C: "Is it dangerous?"

Doctor Mike: "Well you see what has happened is a small blood vessel has broken underneath the conjunctiva, which is the clear tissue covering the white part of your eye. The blood from the broken vessel is trapped behind the tissue until it can be reabsorbed by the tissues of the eye. Because the blood is under the clear tissue it is quite visible. You don't need to worry though the blood will reabsorbe within 10-20 days depending on the amount of blood there is.

Miss C: What is this called?

Doctor Mike: You have had a Subconjunctival  Hemorrhage.

Miss C: Thank you Dr Mike, is there anything I need to do?

Doctor Mike: There is no treatment necessary, but just try not to rub your eye until it heals.

Miss C: Cool, thank you

Doctor Mike: No problem, have a good day.

3 Advantages:
  • You can get a quick diagnosis.
  • You get an understanding of whats happened.
  • You can answer some questions yourself instead of asking your doctor.

3 Disadvantages 
  • The information could be wrong.
  • The language used in the text might be difficult to read.
  • The diagnosis could be wrong and you could get hurt.

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