Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New reward systems

This term T.I.S is starting a new reward system, and I am writing a short summary on how it works.

First the click cards,
Everyone in the school gets a click card, which is a small card a bit bigger than an eftpos card. On the card you write your name, room number and house. Around the outside of the card are some small squares. At the end of each day everyone gets a click. If you misbehave in class then Miss C will give you a oral warning. If you keep misbehaving then you will get your name on the board and if you keep continuing your bad behaviour you get a cross by your name if you get a cross you don't get a click that day. But if you don't get a cross you get a click that day unless you are absent, you don't get a click.
Once you have 40 clicks you get a Rimu band. You are the only one allowed to wear this band. If you get caught wearing another houses band you get your house band confiscated from you. As soon as you've completed a card, you go onto a new card. By the end of the year if you have 3 completed cards you get a stars badge.

Now I will explain the new stars cards,
If you are caught by a teacher doing good around the school and showing the stars you get a stars card. You then put your card in your house box in the library. At each house hui, you get the Rimu box and your syndicate leader will draw our two people from the box. If your name gets drawn you win a prize. All the cards stay in the box for the year. At the end of each term Mrs Colville will draw out 10 lucky people, one from each house too win a special stars hoodie. Then at the end of the year one lucky person out of the whole school will win a bike.

Both of these new reward systems are new and are hopefully going to improve the behaviour around T.I.S

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