Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My 200 word story

My story has to include,
A campfire, a scream, and a small lie that gets bigger and bigger.

As the embers rise to the starlit sky above me, I know I can't hold this secret in any longer. I was the one that broke the Camp Wood-Lock trophy. I didn't mean too, truly!

That morning...
I hear a loud scream and I jolt out of bed. The piece of artwork above my headboard with my name, Pearl scrawled across it hits me on the head. Something sounds serious! Nope just my annoying older sister, Stacy. She was obviously quite excited as today my sister and I were heading off to Camp Wood-Lock. Camp Wood-Lock or CWL for short. CWl is a summer camp where my sister and I visited every summer. I always looked forward to going to CWL but for some reason I felt Stacy was even more excited then me.

As the terrain changed beneath our tyres from tarseal to dirt I instantly knew we were here. The fresh pine smell wafted through the air right to my nostrils. I said goodbye to Mum and Dad and raced off to where my best friend was standing. As i picked up speed I realised it was actually a girl that looked like my friend and she was holding the CWL trophy! But too late, BAM! As I got thrown to the ground I painfully looked beside me and what once was the CWL trophy is now thousands of lost memories. I wondered what I was going to do, but I then remembered that one time where Stacy blamed her broken hairdryer on me, my turn...

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