Monday, 15 September 2014

Political Parties

The Civilian Party policies

- Close the pay gap between men and women by working to reduce men’s wages.
End discrimination against social majorities. No more special services just for Maori; no more car parks just for disabled people; no more hip operations just for people who need hip operations.
Make Wellington airport safer by moving it to Christchurch.
Ice cream.

How to set up your own political party

There are certain requirements that all political parties must adhere to in order to apply for and maintain their party registrations. They are:
  1. An acceptable party name (and any abbreviation).
  2. Satisfactory evidence of at least 500 eligible members.
  3. Statutory declarations from its party secretary concerning membership, intention to contest general elections and advising of any component parties.
  4. Party membership rules showing what is required for current financial membership, and candidate selection rules which provide for the democratic involvement of members in the process.
  5. An auditor (or person who has agreed to be auditor when the party is registered).
  6. A party secretary with a postal address and contact details.
  7. Either the secretary, or a sitting MP who is a current financial member of the party, to make the application.
  8. $500 application fee.
My party - The infinity and beyond party

HEALTH - All children get free doctors appointments up to the age of 15.

EDUCATION - All classes should have no more than 25 students.

DEFENCE - If a criminal hurts a policeman/woman in any way the criminal has to pay for any doctor fees needed.

BUSINESS - All new businesses get a $5000 kickstart from the bank.

ELDERLY - All elderly people over the age of 65 get a higher pension rate.

ENVIRONMENT - Any tree that gets cut down has to be replaced by a new tree.

ANIMALS - It is illegal to abuse and use animals in any hurtful way such as dog fighting.

FOOD - Fast food restaurants should raise their prices to make NZ a healthier and less obese country.

SPORT - People are expected to take part in at least one sport every 2 years.

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  1. We'll done Leka I really like your ideas. One that I thought was pretty good was the fast food raising prices to make New Zealand a healthier place. One idea I didn't think was that great was the classes not having more than 25 students because then there would need to be more classrooms and that could cost a lot of money