Saturday, 16 November 2013

Fun day with the bestie!

Today my best friend Sian came over to hang out. When she arrived we watched some videos and played on my iPod then we got changed into our togs to get ready for the beach. After we had slopped on some sunblock we headed to Tay street beach at the Mount. As soon as we go there Sian, Claire (my little sister) and I went straight for the waves. At first it was really cold but as time went by our bodies started to get more used to the temperature. We dived, played jumped, splashed and laughed. After that we decided to try and dig a humongous pool out of sand. We dug and dug but the water kept reaching us. Our walls fell but we kept persevering. Eventually we decided to just hit the waves again.

Once our stay at the beach came to an end we went to McDonalds and got an ice-cream with a flake. After our ice-cream we got a pack of chips to share.

When we got back to my Nan's house we had a nice warm shower to wash the sand away and then we went and played some games with my brothers rugby ball.

Overall I had a great day and i'm going to miss Sian tonight. She's such a great friend and fun to have a laugh with.

Heres some pics from our awesome day,

By the way, all our sunblock was worth it! None of us got sunburnt! Thanks Sian!!

Leo lying in the sand

Our action shot, excuse the finger :)

Probably the best photo of the day
Big smiles allround

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