Sunday, 1 December 2013

Auction Day!

On Saturday was a nerve wracking day as our house was going to Auction! We have a house in the Waikato and it was time to sell. Before the auction there was an open home so my family had to go out for a bit. After that it was time!! We had an awesome auctioneer called Dan Hewes and if your selling your house I suggest talking to Dan and Harcourt's team. I think Dan did a really good job at explaining our house and he put in perfect detail! Yes good news we sold! A huge thank you to our beautiful agent Trudy, our awesome auctioneer, Dan and the house owners my Nan and Aunty Kath!

Well done on a fantastic day! Thank you Harcourts!!

We love you!

Dan and us, please excuse my brothers face


Thank you Harcourts!

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