Sunday, 3 November 2013


On Thursday night Sian and I went trick or treating around Ohauiti. I dressed up as a vampire and Sian went as a geeky angel, unfortunately Sian's angel wings broke so she ended up just being a geek. While we were trick or treating we saw our friend Christine on the way. Her brother and sister were with her too. We ended up trick or treating together but then after about half an hour we dropped them back at their house. Sian and I had alot of candy by then and we munched as we walked along. It started to get dark pretty quick so Sian and I walked to Sian's Aunty's place. We got there and called Sian's Dad to come and pick us up. While we were waiting we watched the X-factor. About 10 minutes of the X-factor Sian's Dad arrived and we drove home. I stayed the night and came to school with her ready for the 12 hour relay, trick or treating is heaps of fun and squeezing in some X-factor was even better. Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat!!

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