Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dangerous Decibel Facts

- 85 decibels is safe for your ears
- There is a special machine/device which helps measure the amount of decibels in an area.
- A squealing pig is over 100 decibels which is bad for your ears.
- You only have to be at a rock concert for 10 second for it to damage your ears.
- You have hundreds of thousands of small hairs in your ears.
- When you are exposed to loud noise your ear hairs flatten which make you slightly lose your hearing.
- Once all your ear hairs are flattened you will have hearing loss.
- Road traffic noise is surprisingly safe for your ears.
- The closer you are to the noise, the more decibels.
- The higher the decibel the more chance of the noise affecting your hearing.
- It is better to have headphones then ear pods.
- Never turn your device eg. iPod up to it's full volume.
- Try and keep your devices sound under 60% of it's full sound capacity.
- You can't grow your ear hairs back.
- Only frogs, birds and fish are able to grow their ear hairs back.
- If you want to experience what it feels like to have hearing loss just stick your fingers in your ears.
- If you get a tuning fork, tap it on the ground then bring it up to your ear you will hear a funny noise.
- To see what power loud noise has tap the tuning fork on the ground and hold a ping pong ball next to it.
- Tuning forks are sold in music shops.
- Tuning forks cost around $35 dollars each.
- Tuning forks were used to tune guitars.
- If you lost your hearing it would make life alot harder when trying to find a job.
- Most jobs require hearing.
- There are special ways to communicate with deaf people such as, be patient.
- It is said that a 35 year old with hearing loss will have the hearing ability of an 80 year old.
- Hearing aids are a tool that help assist with hearing.
- Adults should get their hearing tested at least once a year.
- Never stick things in your ears.
- Cotton buds were originally made for makeup not for cleaning your ears.
- Your own ear wax is the best natural cleaner after a while your ear wax with get rid of dirt, dead skin and other things on its own.
- Sound is actually vibration.
- You can actually break your ear drum by poking your finger too far.
- Hearing loss is a disability.
- There are alot of small bones and organs that are beyond your outside ear.
- At a concert, the mosh pit is the most dangerous place for your ears.

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