Thursday, 6 February 2014

Personality Test

For our daily blog post this morning we had to take a personality test. Here are the questions we had to answer...

1. What type/s of animal were you? - I was an otter.

2. Do you agree with this result? Say why/why not - I agree with the result because I like doing things the fun way!

3. What are 3 strengths of your animal type? - 3 strengths of my animal type are, bright ideas, creative, fun loving. What is 1 weakness of your animal type? - Likes heaps of fun so isn't always serious about things.

4. Predict which animal you think the other members of your family are, and do the same for 1 good friend.
Dad - Golden Retriever
Mum - Beaver
Claire - Golden Retriever
Leo - Otter
5. Do you think this is a useful survey for people to take? Say why/why not - I think this is a good survey to take to get to know yourself better and to learn more about your personality type.

6. Include a link to the survey in your post - Personality Test (click here!)

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