Monday, 10 February 2014

Me in the morning

Today I have to write a set of instructions of how to be me.

1. You will hear my Mum's voice telling you to get up but just go back under the covers for another 5 minutes.

2. My Mum will tell you again and yank open the curtains. The light will blind your eyes and your body will slowly get up.

3. When your fully awake, go to the couch and start watching Phineas and Ferb after about 5 minutes of that drag yourself to the kitchen and start making some toast. When thats done go back to the couch and watch T.V until your toast is finished.

4. After breakfast put your plate on the bench and start brushing your pearly whites. Now its time for rinse. The mouthwash will be waiting for you on the bench.

5. Once your teeth are sparkling clean, go to your room and get changed into your school uniform and then do a quick pose in the mirror. Next start tying up your hair into the famous, pony tail. If your feeling a bit funky then do a small plait and tie it up along with your ponytail.

6. Now your looking super good but it's time to make your bed or what I like to call (My best friend!) look nice and tidy. I know its a pain making your bed but your toys will thank-you, (and so will your Mum).

7. Next you go get the animal food and go outside to feed your little guinea-pig and your BIG bunny. Don't worry about their water, thats your sister's job.

8. When you go back inside, put the food away, wash your hands, and pick up your iPod. Play on it for a little while until your Mum says its time to go.

9. Once she's says its time to go, chuck on your good looking sandals and put on your school bag. Lucky for you, your Mum is super awesome so your bag will be packed up and ready to go!

10. Finally hop in the car and jam to the music playing on the radio!

Have fun at school!!

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